What’s Hot In Tucson 2019 Part 09 The Westward Look 2 of 2

Join Show Hosts David Wilber and Bob Jones as we attend the LARGEST MINERAL SHOW in the world – The Tucson Show. Now, when we say, “Tucson Show” it’s really a combination of 52 different shows that start in mid-January and continue until mid-February. We visit some of the most important shows for top-end minerals to seek out what are the HOTTEST and NEWEST minerals hitting the market.

Join us in this segment where we continue our visit up at the Westward Look Show – the home of the top end mineral show in Tucson. In this segment, we interview the following dealers:

+ The Arkenstone (Dr. Rob Lavinsky)
+ Wilensky Fine Minerals (Stuart Wilensky)
+ Irv Brown Fine Minerals (Irv Brown)
+ Green Mountain Minerals (Dylan Stolowitz)
+ Crystal Classics (Diana and Ian Bruce)
+ Mike Bergmann Minerals (Mike Bergmann)
+ Marcus Budil Fine Minerals (Marcus Budil)
+ DREHERDT+ Studios (Patrick Dreher)
+ Wendel Minerals (Wolfgang Wendel)
+ Pala International (Will Larson)
+ Dave Bunk Minerals (Dave Bunk)
+ Mineral Classics (Brian Kosnar)
+ Weinrich Minerals (Dan Weinrich)
+ Unique Minerals (Evan Jones)
+ Saphira (Rudolph Watzl)
+ PLUS – Interview with the Saturday Collector of the Day – Aaron Celestian from Natural History Museum LA County

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SPECIAL NOTE: We are releasing this film so that it is FREE to the public via YouTube. This is in reaction to the current new Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world. The best advice to help head off this disease (other than washing hands, covering your coughs and not touching our faces) is self-isolation. So in this time of self-isolation, we at BlueCap Productions wanted to try and provide at least a little relief to the mineral collecting community with this free copy of this film. Please enjoy and be safe.