Two-Fingered Lincoln Knucks from East Coast Knuckles, USA made, solid brass!

Today we take a quick look at ECK’s 2 finger knuckleduster! These babies are 4.7oz of solid brass, and at 7/16” thick, they’re rather substantial for a compact duster!
These are made in the USA, and have a darkened finish that slowly wears well with pocket carry.
These are done in the classic Lincoln style, meaning they’re straightforward, but very efficient.

I’ve talked to ECK about the somewhat sharp edges on the palm brace, and he tells me it WILL be addressed in future runs.
It’s a simple enough fix for anyone with some sandpaper, and doesn’t affect their function in the slightest.
At $50-$60ish USD, these would make beautiful project pieces to tune and tweak to your liking, but would work great for “paper wrangling”

Please get a hold of ECK on Instagram or Facebook if real, beautiful, and very affordable brass knucks and other self defense related items interest you!