TUTU.COM Demo | How to Use Swarovski Rose Montee Crystals in Custom-Made Tiaras

Claudia Folts of Tutu.com walks you through how to use Swarovski Rose Montee Crystals to create a stunning custom tiara. Claudia demonstrates rhinestone wiring techniques and tips. Swarovski Rose Montees are available in three sizes: 16ss, 20ss, and 30ss. Mix sizes and colors to make your design unique, one-of-a-kind. The dancer will feel beautiful, elegant, and confident wearing a tiara with Swarovski crystals. A custom, one-of-a-kind Tiara is the perfect “finishing touch” for any competing or professional ballet dancer’s costume. Shop https://tutu.com/ for all your Tiara making supplies including our Tiara Kits which have all the materials, instructions and design patterns needed to make your dream tiara!

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TUTU.COM Tiara Making Kits: https://tutu.com/collections/tiara-kits