The Incredible Conjoined Twins Attached At The Head | BORN DIFFERENT


TWIN girls Joy and Joyce Magsino are craniopagus conjoined twins from the Philippines – meaning they were born with their skulls fused together. At birth, the doctors gave the twins a 10-year life expectancy, but the now 13 year olds are thriving against the odds. Separating Joy and Joyce is a possibility, but an incredibly risky operation that would cost the family $75,000. Their mother Jhomarie has left the country to work abroad, in an attempt to be able to save enough money to afford the operation. She told Truly: “When they were younger they were so difficult to look after, unlike today, they can look after themselves – now they can shower, feed themselves and also use TikTok.” The twins love to record videos for social media, and have been slowly seeing their followers increase. “We would like to be famous on social media someday so that we can save up some money for our operation,” Joy said.

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Videographer: Sherbian Dacalanio
Producers: Giacomo Brunelli, Alma Enriquez, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ian Phillips

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