Slime Rancher – All Slimes And Where To Find Them

Are you wondering how to find all the slimes in the game Slime Rancher!? In this video I will be going step-by-step to show you all slimes and where to find them in the game Slime Rancher! All slime locations are shown and the steps you need to take to access these areas are provided. The slimes shown in the video are:

Pink Slime, Rock Slime, Tabby Slime, Phosphor Slime, Boom Slime, Rad Slime, Crystal Slime, Puddle Slime, Hunter Slime, Honey Slime, Quantum Slime, Fire Slime, Dervish Slime, Mosaic Slime, Tangle Slime, Quicksilver Slime, Saber Slime, Glitch Slime, Gold Slime, Lucky Slime.

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