Replenishing Minerals

Are You Menstrual?
Today we’re diving into the nutrient-dense foods that will help you to replenish the minerals that stress depletes. Whether you’ve had the chance to test your minerals or not, the mineral-rich foods and beverages we’re going to cover in this episode are beneficial for everyone, regardless of mineral status. But remember, if you are interested in learning how to test and interpret your body’s mineral balance, our new online course Master Your Minerals is available now! Sign up now and get full access when it launches on June 21st.


Bone Broth Recipe:
Great Lakes Collagen:
Great Lakes Gelatin:
Paleovalley Bone Broth Protein (Use code HORMONEHEALINGRD10):
Gelatin Gummies Recipe:
Saturee Clean Casein:
Bumbleroot Powder (Use code AMANDA10):
Dr. Cowan’s Powders:
How To Eat More Nutrient Dense Foods:
Master Your Minerals Course:
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