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I hope you had a good thanksgiving break so far. I’m looking forward to visiting the aquarium later today~ I want to draw some marine life so I brought my sketchbook with me.
My opinion of crystal healing lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between magic and psudoscience; I do believe there is a certain placebo effect taking place when one meditates with a crystal, but I don’t think that means the healing energy of the crystal isn’t real or valid. Crystals are a great addition to support one’s wellness, but shouldn’t be used to substitute treatment and service from medical professionals in any way.

I didn’t go super into detail about the meaning of each crystal because I think that should remain ambiguous and subjective, depending on the user and owner of the stone it provides different functions, whether it be warding, banishing, cleansing, charging should be up to you, and not someone else’s definition of “what it means.”

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Paper: Canson sketchbook
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