Making a 1 Kilo Gold Cuban Link Chain – This Process is Insane!

See how we make a solid gold 1-kilo Miami Cuban link chain. You can also use our calculator (link below) to configure your perfect gold chain.

Cuban Link Calculator

The amount of work and attention to detail that making a Cuban chain like this is absurd, as you’ll see on the video.

Here are the main steps to making the chain:

00:00 Mixing gold with other metals to make 14K gold.
00:22 Melting gold with torch and pouring into ingot mold to make bar.
01:17 Scanning bar with XRF Analyzer to show gold alloy details.
01:31 Stretching gold bar to form wire (includes annealing).
02:45 Forming and cutting the links for the chain.
04:09 Connecting and soldering links.
05:30 Twisting chain to align links.
07:18 Filing the links to give chain the characteristic flat look.
09:05 Polishing chain.
10:01 Attaching and welding last link of Cuban chain.
11:06 Final chain weigh in (approximately 1000 grams of 14K gold).
12:07 Finished chain!

Let us know how big you would go with a gold chain in the comments below.

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