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Sawasdee from Thailand

Are you stressed or constantly tired and in need of some REAL POWERFUL healing crystals?

14K white gold pendant and earrings set of handmade wrapped powerful healing crystal enhydro quartz with moving enhydro water bubbles – 14K gold over 925 sterling silver – handmade 2011 – containing actual moving enhydro’s half a billion years old.

Measurements for earrings are 1 inch long and 1/2 inch across
Measurements for pendant is 1 inch long and 3/4 inch across
Total weight is 10.08 grams

Beautiful and powerful double terminated enhydro quartz crystals from the very tips of the Hindu Kush mountain ranges. These crystals are said to be some of the most powerful healing crystals known today when worn close to the brain and heart. Most terminated quartz grow from a single termination, these rare crystals grow from the centre outwards as they have both a positive and negative charge.

You need to try these crystals to truly understand and harness their energy. These are some of the most are and powerful crystals in the world.

Golden enhydro quartz crystals can best be defined as double terminated three phase included quartz crystals rich in golden yellow petroleum oil, water bubbles, hydrocarbons and gas inclusions. No other crystal in the world other than enhydro quartz are double terminated and no other enhydro quartz in the world is rich in golden yellow petroleum oil as these crystals are.

There is only very limited amounts of this rare and valuable material available.

There is no faceting or polishing involved with our enhydro quartz crystals. As they formed in the earth they are collected from the remote border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and sent directly to to me to hand make jewelry.
Take a look at the video to see the crystals under natural lighting and also black lights (glow in the dark effect):

According to the respected enhydro quartz grading system these crystals can easily be considered AAA grade:

AAA Grade = Item #A
• Museum Grade Collectors Enhydro Quartz
• Double Termination
• Yellow Inclusion (Petroleum)
• Moving Water Bubbles
• Water Clear Clarity
• Very little Anthroxolite — less than 2%
• No, or very little damage to crystal — less than 5%