Incense collection/burners (sticks and cones)

Here is my ash catcher burner and indian incense collection. When getting the wooden ash catchers or burners there are good ones out there but also they sell seconds, so the imperfections are more on the seconds. You can find all of these on-line stores like Amazon, Incense warehouse, Incense-Incense, Omimports, River Village Wholesale, local stores, malls and head-shops. I burn this incense for pleasure and to aromatize the space. Resins like Frankincense I only use it for prayer/meditation purposes. But I like incense in general its interesting to me and its fun to figure out what is it that your nose its sensing and getting. Its inexpensive and can get a lot if enjoyment out of it. For me its like wine or cigars you got to train your senses to appreciate what you are experiencing. But incense can be used for many other uses, meditation, prayer, magic, healing, etc. Its a culture of its own it is used around the world and its been around for many years. The first time I really enjoyed incense I just couldn’t believe how much enjoyment I got out of it, plus it became a hobby of some sort. A really hidden and secret hobby not many people knew about it slowly I started to introduce it to friends and family.