IMG 9267 Resin Coasters with left over resin.

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Glitter iridescent chunky pink glitter from Laura’s art corner & Eye Candy Mica powder Amina Blue. Theepoxyresinstore resin.

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Precautionary measures:
Please don’t forget while using all Paints/Resins pouring arts, make sure you are in a well Ventilated area. Wear respirator mask, gloves, and. Long sleeve to cover wrist from resin & making sure you have a fire extinguisher next to you. Please enjoy all Arts.

Gold Mica powder~

Most of my pigment paste I purchased

I Love their Angel White, Starburst & Suncatcher & very beautiful pearly whites, glitters opal

& Metallic Gold, Phalo blue, & Emerald green. NEW ACRYLIC PAINTS: BY Rick Cheadle,
Check them out at Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel here. The Sealer is sold also called Quick coat Urethane Sealer 8oz VOC Free, non yellowing, also can be applied to 3D Crete.

How I mix my acrylic background pour- Floetrol, Glidden High gloss paint white & Glue All.

Cell- Activator Amsterdam white, Floetrol and Polyacrylic.
They have Beautiful Glitters chunky, iridescent & Beautiful Geode

I have learned how to do Geodes while attending the
EClass one line course.

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