How To Wire Wrap Flowers for Beaded Suncatchers (1 of 3)

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Were you like, “Pshaw I can make that. Too easy.” Pics or it didn’t happen. Also here’s the stuff you need:

### Components Needed
* 5x Faceted Briolettes 12x6mm Top-drilled
* 1x Faceted Round 6mm Center-drilled
* 18″ wire 26g (0.404 mm)
* +Tools: Wire cutters, Chain nose pliers. Round nose pliers can help but aren’t needed.

### Table of Contents
– 00:00 Intro
– 00:46 Tools You Will Use
– 01:06 Making Flowers From Teardrops (Components)
– 02:24 Flower Starts
– 09:08 Finished Flower and other examples
– 10:08 Like, Subscribe, Ring the Bell Yes you! & Thanks! You.

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