How to Crochet Granny Hexy Doll | Granny Hexagon Doll Pattern | Crochet Doll | Easy Crochet Hey Doll

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel where I will crochet it forward by showing you how to crochet my granny hexy doll pattern. It is the granny stitch worked up into 2 hexagons then I add the legs. It is super easy, beginner friendly and fun! The color combos with this pattern are limitless and I’m sure you will go crazy with your imagination. You can make a shelf granny next doll for every holiday using the appropriate colors! Awesomesauce! You can also leave the back open if you are looking to make puppets from this pattern, FUN-FUN-FUN! My apologies for any confusion and I deeply appreciate everyone’s support and patience. I’m also very sorry for falling short in the quality of the video as I don’t have a professional camera. However, the instructions are clear! Together, let’s continue to crochet it forward!


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