Floracopeia’s Electric Incense Burner

Resin and wood incenses like Agarwood, Frankincense, and Copal don’t contain the harmful chemicals that you find in most commercial incenses, but they can be tricky to use — unless you have an electric incense burner. In this video, Meghan from Floracopeia introduces the electric incense burner and how to burn incense safely. Aromatherapy using an electric incense burner with sacred woods and resins is a great way to enhance and purify the environment in the home, office, studio, and classroom.

Get the electric incense burner: http://www.floracopeia.com/Shop/electric-incense-burner.html

Get the sacred woods and natural incense resins: http://www.floracopeia.com/Incense-and-Resins/
Frankincense Papyrifera: http://www.floracopeia.com/Shop/Frankincense-papyrifera-resin.html
Frankincense Carterii: http://www.floracopeia.com/Shop/Frankincense-Carterii-Resin.html
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Floracopeia was established to provide the highest quality botanical treasures and health education, support ecological agriculture, and promote traditional plant-based knowledge. We do this by supporting ecologically responsible producers, procuring the highest quality botanical products, promoting traditional plant-based knowledge, and presenting clear and accurate information about medicinal plants.

At Floracopeia, we believe in grassroots health care, and that everyone should know how to use pure essential oils and herbs safely to support their health. We believe that botanical treasures like essential oils and flower essences can have a significant positive influence on our mental, physical, and spiritual health, and on the economic health of small communities throughout the world.