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Height: 5’3// Size : Xs S // Bust: 34

Hi friends,

Myself Sayma Welcome back to my channel. Today I’m doing Flipkart decor haul Artificial plant/pot/flower/& more affordable home decor haul in your budget. If you do then please like, share & subscribe my channel.

Today by collection link:

(1) Artificial Plant with Pot (24 cm, Multicolor)

(2) Plant with Pot (22 cm, Multicolor, Green)

(3) Artificial Flower pink & Plastic Vase

(4) Artificial Plant with Pot (36 cm, Multicolor)

(5) Artificial Flower Purple with Pot

(6) Artificial Plants & 42 Leaves Set of 6, Green/White

(7) Artificial Plant with Pot wood Green

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