Eureka Crystal Beads Super Nova Collection

Eureka Crystal Beads
Super Nova Collection
*** This is the last of the monthly Collections for now. Stay tuned to what they have in store for us in the future! Check out the remaining Collections that have not been retired. Links are below. Some are retired so keep trying util you get to one that is still available or visit the website
(Link to Website and Collection page is below).

Link to Flat Cellini Ring

Link to Hematite Heaven Redux Ring

Eureka Crystal Beads Collection is a beautifully curated collection of beads and findings presented each month on the Eureka Crystal Beads Website. Not a subscription but available to you the first week of every month at a substantial discount. Take a look at each beautiful collection and see which one is right for you!

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*Link to Super Nova Collection

*Link to Mountain Twilight Collection

*Link to Eureka Crystal Beads website

*Link to Collections Page

*Link to Pumpkin Festival Collection

*Link to Paradise Aquatic Collection

*Link to Harvest Sunset Limited Edition Collection

*Link to Serene Lavender Collection

*Link to Beach Dunes Collection

*Link to May Poppy Fields Collection

*Link to April Wild Horse Collection

*Link to March Verdant Collection

*Link to February Flamingo Beach Collection

*Link to January Royal Plumage Collection

*Link to December Fairy Frost Collection

*Link to November Magic Forest Collection

*Link to October Moonshadow Collection

*Link to September 2019 Glacier Lagoon Collection