DIY Suncatcher

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Lets bring rainbows inside of our homes by using chandelier pulls to create a beautiful DIY suncatcher with crystals
This DIY requires basic jewelry making supplies and a few things you can find from second hand stores/amazon for a few dollars

please read more through description or check my blog for the information I failed to include in the video XD (temporary blog address, soon it will be which currently takes you to my youtube channel)

the red handled amazing tool is actually for making fishing lures, it’s called Double Barrel Crimping Tool (with wire cutter) and I seriously recommend getting that if you use crimp beads because the cheaper little tools just don’t cut it.. its hard to use though.. because its big.. but it works super well. – I didn’t do many of these but I did this a few times to make loops (skip to 1:13) – more info about jewelry making tools, especially pliers

If you want similar beads and bangles and things then I recommend you head down to your nearest thrift store, buy some jewellery and dismantle it with your pliers and wire cutters. Watch your eyes, stuff goes flying sometimes

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