DIY Incense Cones I How to make incense cones at home I Easy Sandalwood Cones I

DIY incense cones at home with easily available materials. Make your own incense cones at home for your own unique needs. These easy sandalwood cones are pretty easy to make. Make these and encourage yourself to make your own clean incense for family, friends and self.

Sandalwood Cones Recipe
Ingredients used:
Sandalwood dust- 1 tbsp
Sandalwood powder- 1/2 tbsp
Tragacanth gum powder- 1/8th tsp
Water- as needed

All the ingredients featured in the video can be very easily got from any pansaari/ puja store/ herb store or from Amazon.
Sandalwood- chandan
Tragacanth gum- gond kateera

Drying time can be as less as 3 days to a max of 7 days.
Curing time should be at least 2 weeks.

The cones won’t be very fragrant as most sandalwood powder we get in the market has no essential oils in them. But you would like your own incense anyway

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