CRYSTAL UNBOXING HAUL !! * kids love rocks sand bag & breaking geodes*

hi my beautiful beings !!!🦋🧚‍️thank you all for watching today’s video !!! I hope you enjoyed this unboxing crystals video, it was so fun to film! these crystals are beautiful and a lot of them actually have rainbows!! i think it’s a fun activity to do and i will probably give a lot of these away on my etsy as freebies or make necklaces i’m not sure yet !! and i’m sorry this is a day late but i’m just glad I put it out!! i hope you have a beautiful day or night and never forget that you are loved not only by me but by your angels !!🦋🦋🦋🦋

here is the website I got the crystals from !!

Crystal Bag, Crystal Mining Bag

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