Crystal Classics – Westward Look Show – What’s Hot In Tucson: 2020 – Program Sponsor Series

What’s Hot In Tucson: 2020 – Program Sponsor Series
Crystal Classics – Westward Look Show

Back at the Westward Look Show (aka Fine Mineral Show: Tucson), Diana and Ian Bruce take a moment with Show Host Bob Jones to share some of the great pieces that have come to define Crystal Classics, UK.

Included in this clip are minerals such as:

Wire Silver from Kongsberg, Norway
Silver from Kongsberg, Norway
Wire Silver from Pribram, Czech Republic
Crystallized Silver from Kongsberg, Norway
2 Fluorites from Diana Maria Mine, United Kingdom
The new line of cut Diana Maria Fluorites and jewelry from Viridis Gems
2 different Beryl animal carvings from the House of Dreher, Idar-Oberstein
Heliodor from Volodarsk, Ukraine
Azurite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Wulfenite from Toussit, Morocco
Gerhardtite and Buttgenbachite from Bisbee, Arizona, USA
Wulfenite cluster from the Glove Mine, Arizona, USA
“Mango” Quartz cluster from Cabiche, Colombia
Meteorite slice from Tazewell, Tennessee, USA
“Cogwheel” Bournonite from Bolivia
Native Lead from Langban, Sweden
Aragonite from Slovakia
Native Bismuth from Niederschlema, Germany
And a look at a bunch of new Tourmalines from Coronel Murta, Brazil

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