Create With Me| Resin Dreamcatchers: using Angel Wings Dreamcatcher Mold

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Hey everybody,

In our last video, I unboxed some molds gifted by Angel Wings. In this video, I will be using one of the molds, the dreamcatcher, in this video. I want to see how the molds hold up with products. I hope you enjoy this video and check out their Amazon shop! The link below, including a discount code.

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All the items I suggest, I have used and know how they work. Some are cost-effective and some are not. Please check out each link provided and see if you would like to use them. Thank you :).

Molds can be purchased at: Angel Wings
5% off code:05YJOEH6

The molds of this link are on clearance:

*Sublimation ink: I purchased my ink from eBay for $69.95, A3 Epson WF-7710 Printer Sublimation Refillable Cartridge, 400ml ink & 100 Paper or you can purchase from Amazon
Epson 7710/7720(comes with cartridges):
Cosmo’s is a good ink too, however, they are always sold out.

*Sublimation printer: I have an Epson 7720, that I purchased from Best Buy in 2019. They are high and out of stock on sites, I have posted two links for sublimation printers, on 7720, and the other an EcoTank: (7720: or (Ecotank Both can be converted.

*Sublimation paper (A-Sub): (8×11.5) or (11×17)
*High-Quality Printer Paper: Hammermill
*Heat Transfer Tape:

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